Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the good, the bad, the funny and the mysterious

I took Anthony to the Aviary yesterday and we hiked to Sassafras point.  The weather was amazing, he was able to fashion a variety of weapons from sticks, and we stood for a long time under the cherry blossoms.  The best part is that this morning of excitement was totally FREE because I was able to find 3 hour parking on the street instead of paying for parking in the lot as I usually do.

okay, the water looks gross in this picture but believe me when I tell you it was actually beautiful!

In a super duper rush I had to use a ATM that did not belong to my bank to get money for Ava's piano lesson (an exception from our challenge) and was charged an additional fee.  I am impressed that I was actually phased by this because usually I don't care but I hate that I spent money unnecessarily.  Better planning next time!

The kids think it is hilarious to tell jokes constantly.  Personally I am getting tired of fake laughing.  I will recount a few of the ones that stick out in my mind.
1. Ava:what did the cow do on the weekend?..... he went to the moooooovie theatre 

2. Ava: why did the donkey stand in the middle of the road?...... because he wanted to die (a little morbid don't you think?)

3. Anthony: What did the puffer fish say to the cow?....... want to go to the poopy tootie theatre?

They really only get more and more ridiculous.  Next week I will pass along some of the knock knock jokes they are telling.


Why does this ukelele keep showing up on my bathroom floor? No one will own up to it.

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  1. I didn't know we have cherry blossoms here!!!!?!! I need to go here. Pretty and cute pics!