Thursday, September 23, 2010


We have been in the business of making around here lately

::making art

::making bouncy castles

::making big messes

::making super "happy faces"

and most significantly



   :: making PROGRESS!!!!!!!!    

Much to my excitement you can now find some of my handmade baby items (reversible bibs, blanket sets and pants with an extra panel in the back for diaper bums) in the most wonderful consignment shop called Little Bird on Ottawa St..... I will write more about the store in another post because they have a lot of great things going on there!!!! 

        Next post will hopefully be a finished bathroom reveal!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The one where I talked myself down

Monday was Ava's first official day in juniour kindergarten.  It rained horribly that day so we had to take our back to school pictures inside the house.  It turned into a photo shoot with Ava picking poses and demanding props.  I truly had to talk myself down that morning as I was thinking about how much she has grown and how much she will grow this year... and yes the tears were flowing.
last year

this year... oh my
proud of her Batman "packpack"

Of course the rain meant that she got to wear Auntie Andee's old raincoat which is over 20 years old (wow Andee doesn't that make you feel old???) 

When she got home from school Ava insisted that the teacher told them that they had to use their mom's computers to do their "housework".