Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally some sewing content

I have been spending my free time making these sweet pea pilot caps (as modelled Sylvia, Lady A's doll) by Meg for both of the kids.  While completely adorable I have been having  a really hard time getting them to fit properly.  The ribbing at the back always looks a little wonky (technical term).... I think I am stretching the ribbing out of shape when I am sewing it on.  Perhaps keeping my eye on the sewing and not on reruns of Project Runway would help.  I think it must be time for me to get a serger (save save save save save).    The machine I have my eye on is the Janome 1110DX...the slogan for the machine is "so advanced, so quick, so easy to thread"....that sounds like the stuff dreams are made of.  For now I am off to master the mock overlock stitch on my machine........perhaps playing with needles and tension will help my cause.