Friday, December 9, 2011

on my needles

It wasn't that long ago (before the kids were born) that I had a little knitting blog focused on knitting and my dog Ruby.  Back then I was totally into knitting....taking classes, finishing one project after another, taking on huge pieces at short notice,  buying expensive yarn and needles and carrying a project with me everywhere I went.
Oh how things have changed since having kids.  Although I still love the comfort of picking up my needles and click clacking away, I can't seem to find the time to dedicate to a complicated pattern.  I do however  always keep an easy project on my needles, one that I can pick up and put down after only a few minutes.  It also needs to be one that I am not too stressed if Anthony rips the needles out the stitches while trying to defend us from "crazy crocodiles"... he just can't resist pointy objects that resemble weapons.
I try to find time while the kids are busy playing or while I'm watching my nightly episode of Coronation Street.

I have been working on these socks for myself, made from Patons Classic Wool from my  goto sock pattern book, since March 2011....see what I mean S-L-O-W!
I am hoping to finish the socks and wrap them up for myself for Christmas....I had better get knitting.  Not like I have a list of 17 or more gifts I am still convinced that I am going to get problem!

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