Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2012: the year of order

I love everything to do with organization.  I spend a lot of time on Pinterest (no big surprise) looking at how people have organized their kitchens, basements and craft rooms.  I am slowly getting my house to a point of some form of order... it is a real struggle because by nature I am not an organized person.

2012 is going to be my year to figure out a system by which I can get and stay on top of things i.e., cleaning, deadlines, school activities, finances, blog schedules and the list goes on and on and on.  I have gladly been researching a method to simplify and plan this type of massive mission.  I have come up with a few ideas:

1.  This 2012 planner by Laurel Denise that I bought from Mixed Media.  I love the way it is set up, but I think it may be a bit small for me to actually write legibly in... only because I have disgustingly huge hand writing!  This is something I should have considered before my costly purchase but I fell in love with this planner and there was no talking me out of it... believe me, Sri tried!

2.  This household binder.  I love the idea of everything being in one place plus I do love the geekiness of a binder.  I am thinking Finder Binder with a horse on the front!!!!!

3.  These free planning pages caught my attention.  I can see myself sitting down at the end of the day  (or week) to start planning for the next day (or week).... right?

I am not the type of person to plan things.  I kind of just see what the day brings and go from there.  Currently that type of attitude (while fun) has caused a lot of problems with actually getting anything done.  I LOVE making lists but always leave them at home and very rarely get to cross anything off of them.  I am hoping that if I can find a system of organization that works for us, our family will be much happier and productive (and Ava will not miss anymore pizza days at school...oops!)
If you have any tips on how to keep EVERYTHING organized please share..... I really want 2012: the year of order to be successful.

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