Friday, December 2, 2011

another "BO-WING" event in the Rao household

This year I decided that I was going to put a lot of effort into advent calendars for the kids.  By effort I mean searching pinterest for amazing ideas and delightful products.  I originally decided on this dinosaur playmobil advent calendar.  I love all things playmobil!
Source: via Tiffany on Pinterest

I was quickly reminded by my ever so supportive husband that I have tried that route in the past and was sent insane by trying to keep track of ALL of the minute pieces PLUS the fighting between the kids over every detail would be exhausting.

After many more hours of searching (I love pinterest research!) I found this Christmas Book Advent Calendar idea by Dana of MADE fame.  I got to work right away!  My favourite kind of work....trolling Value Village for Christmas themed books.  I wrapped and numbered them, making sure that the Night Before Christmas was the 24th (smart eh?).  Because I was able to find a few bags of Christmas books the entire project cost me $6.04....YAY!!!!

I was so excited for the kids to get up this morning and open their first advent package.  Anthony took one look at the wrapped book and declared the event "BO-WING"... there is no pleasing him unless I had wrapped a very sharp sword, then he would be interested.
Ava complained about  the lack of chocolate involved and Sri was just shooting I told you so looks in my direction.  I am well aware that kids like chocolate and toys but BOOKS...come on!  I would LOVE to receive a different book for 24 days and as Sri says "that is the difference between an adult and a child".... oh be quiet!

As soon as I took the camera out Ava threw a smile on her face and began posing.
Here are her fraudulent pics::

Next year....dollar store advent calendars for the kids and books for me!

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