Sunday, April 3, 2011

My little red riding hood and her photo shoot.

I have loved Oliver +S  sewing patterns for as long as I have been sewing.  I have never purchased one but have spent a lot of time staring at them on the computer (and I wonder where my time goes).  When I heard that Liesl Gibson (founder of Oliver +S) had written this book I packed my family in the car...way past drive to a Chapters, quite far from home, to pick it up.  
I fell in love with so many of the patterns but since Ava needed a new spring coat I thought I would try the cape first (plus it was labeled as an easy piece to sew).

    I loved the way it turned out!!!! I chose a sweatshirt material for the exterior and lined it with a Cars bed sheet (because she didn't want it too "girlish").  The cape is fully reversible and looks adorable both ways!
     Ava also loved this cape and since that doesn't happen very often (usually I have to bribe her to wear the things I make for her) I took full advantage.  I set up a "photo shoot" for her and let her pick her outfit, location and poses.... I must admit she was getting a little bossy by the end of her "shoot" and I had to cut things a little short.  
    This pattern could be easily re-sized smaller or larger.  I'm thinking of making a tweed one for myself (very Sherlock Holmes).
I am most willing to share this book with anyone who would like to try a pattern or two!  Just let me know and I will print out the necessary pieces and instructions.
Check out more story book inspired sewing at Once Upon a Thread.  The creativity is amazing!

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