Monday, April 4, 2011

not worth it!

     You might ask yourself what a mother of 2 busy kids, who is trying to build a business, with a messy house, who hasn't even put a thought towards what she is going to make for dinner does all afternoon.  Isn't it obvious....she makes ketchup!
      I am always inspired by those trying to live more self-sustainably and super-market free...specifically the blogs of this local couple and this Colorado family.
Since spring is slowly arriving it was time for me to have my annual "things are going to change around here" rant and we decided as a family (I really mean me) that we were going to stay as far away from packaged food as we could.
     That is why I made the ketchup.  I used the recipe from Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything which I more often that not have great success with.  NOT TODAY!!! This ketchup tastes HORRIBLE.  Ava went to bed plugging her nose because she couldn't stand the smell (okay she may be a bit dramatic)... even Sri had a hard time being nice about it.  THis jar of ketchup is only a small amount of the HUGE batch that this recipe made.... anyone want some delicious ketchup?

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