Friday, April 1, 2011

Laura Ingalls Wilder eat your heart out!

My family is well aware of the fact that every spring I start a campaign to bring back the bonnet.  I make one for Ava every Easter (which she only wears once because she prefers a more "boyish" hat) and last year I even made one for my cousin Laura (which I blogged about here).  I know she wears it faithfully while tootling around Toronto (RIGHT LAURA!!).

THis year I am pushing for the bonnet comeback a little harder!   I have made six of the most adorable and completely reversible bonnets.... Laura Ingalls Wilder would KILL for these.
exterior fabric (click to enlarge)

LIning of each bonnet (in the same order)
I dropped these off at Little Bird on Ottawa St this morning so I'm sure they will be tagged and put on the shelf some time this weekend.  These particular bonnets are size small and priced at $10.50.  I am also able to make a larger child's size (4-5-6) and adult versions.  The possibilities for customizing these are endless...embroidered initials, applique on the side, matching bonnets and jumpers for Easter.  If you contact me directly we can work on a custom bonnet for your little one and work together on bringing back the bonnet!

On another note,
have you seen this mean and nasty looking creature wandering around the streets of Hamilton?  You would answer "yes" if you saw Anthony with his new pet today.  Sharky went everywhere we did.. he was pulled around on his leash at the SPCA and even had to sit on the table at Lick's with a french fry hanging out of his mouth!  At least this is one pet that does not require my attention (minus Anthony screaming in the backseat of the car "he is biting my hand off"!)

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