Wednesday, March 30, 2011

:: right now ::

*right now*

**I am so thankful to everyone who bought something made by me over the past 2 weeks...either from little bird (on Ottawa St.) or directly from me. 100% of those sales will be donated directly to helping those suffering and trying to rebuild in Japan. I will post a total when I get it all tallied up!  

** we are enjoying trying out our new manners (or a form of manners) on dinner guests
** we are trying to get used to Anthony's new manly haircut.....btw this is the way he smiles!

** we spent 1/2 hour watching this guy ride his bike in circles around the splash pad at pier 4... who's the crazy one?

**I am slowly re-washing all of my fabric

** and re-organizing it so I can find what I am looking for!!!

** I am trying to find the right bag pattern to go with this amazing fabric

** We are finding little notes like this ALL over the house with thousands of requests each day from Ava "what does this spell mom?"..... how on earth do I answer that one?

** Ava and Anthony are spending a lot of time each morning (causing lateness) trying to find "twin" outfits... I would say this one is pretty successful!

Well as of right now that is what we are up to... subject to change at any moment!

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  1. i love everything about this post - makes me smile everytime i read an update!!