Saturday, March 26, 2011

and we live to tell the tale....

Last night was a momentous event in our house..... Ava had her first sleepover with her friend Kailee.  Ava has been preparing for this for the last week.  She requested 2 identical "floor length" nightgowns, gummi worms, chips, chocolate eggs,  lemon perrier and Hannah Montana movies.....I felt like I was dealing with the demands of a deranged pop star.  After hours of "when is she going to get here?" the moment finally arrived.....and the FUN began!
::we started with making our own pizzas..which proved very fun and MESSY!
:: oh boy with rolling pin.....stinkin' adorable
:: here are the girls in their matching nightgowns... i did not make them floor length as requested (tripping hazard) and please disregard the gaping necks...the girls put them on backwards.  Notice the princess heels on Kailee...this later caused intense foot cramps at 3am!!!
:: the response I got when I interrupted a session of Hannah Montana skits
:: the morning after... late night of whispered giggles, tons of junk food, lots of singing and constant reprimanding of a little brother

Ava said her sleepover was "awesome" and is already planning the next one.  I don't blame her... I'm looking forward to it too!

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  1. Oh my goodness. Could she be having her first sleep over? Reminds me of ours at Nikki's house. Yikes! Fun!