Wednesday, July 7, 2010

haircuts, bravery and birthday parties....oh my!

This is a pic heavy post so ENJOY!!

We all remember Anthony's before hair and it is with great pleasure that I present to you....
and it really is adorable!!! We got it done at Sharky's where they specialize in kid's cuts and know all the tricks to keep the "clients" sitting pretty still.  It didn't take much to amuse Anthony....they just put in a movie and he was transfixed (as you can see).

Honourable mention in the haircut department is my Grandma.  We were all wowed with her new do.  I don't have a before picture but I certainly have an after photo.
 Please try to focus on the hair and not my dear child eating her locket and near decapitating her with her chain.

Now onto the bravery.  While on a walk the other day Ava scared me when she took off someones driveway to pat this....
statue of a Doberman Pinscher.  I can assure you that I almost had a heart attack!

BIrthday Party Pics
Here are some of the pictures from the birthday party that we threw last Sunday for Ava and Isaiah- my adorable nephew.  

I learned a lot during that party....
::  that 4 years flies by before you know it... and you have what appears to be a teenager dipping her feet in the pool

    ::  that a father will always do anything for his princess 

:: that my Anthony WILL melt in the heat

:: that some creations should be left to the professionals

:: that you have to keep your eye on Isaiah around cake

:: that when they tell you to take out an ice cream cake (delish) about 1/2 hour before serving, don't question just DO IT.

:: that birthday parties can be so exhausting

:: most of all I learned that my kids are so loved and that I couldn't ask for a better family to surround my children with.....we are lucky and I am so thankful.......and then of course...... I cried.


  1. love the pictures that you chose (except you left out the Piñata pics?)...the haircuts (all of them) look fab...what, you didn't think the "crazy hair day" passed for an edible creation?...overall, looks like the kids had an awesome time with their family and friends (i sure did :)

  2. i didn't have any pinata pictures...we just abandoned the camera after the cake I guess. No present opening pictures either. I should hire a professional photographer for the next party!

  3. aw that was so cute! the picture of anthony all sweaty is sooo cute and mom's (well all of ours) edible creation or whatever looks crazy. the birthday party was such a success!!! the picture of me squeezing anthony with a kiss totally reminds me of the one of when i was little and andee is doing that to me! poor anthony's little face!

  4. omg - i almost forgot about that picture where i was squeezing Sam's face just like she's doing to Anthony in that picture....