Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a Carnival Parade

Today was Ava's last day of school....I cried, she danced.

{last day of school dance}
       I can't believe that she has finished her first school year- with oh so many ahead of her.  Wasn't it just yesterday that I dropped her off for her first day... 
{Ava's first day of school}
  excitement in her eyes and tears in mine (do we see a theme here).  She has grown beyond belief this year.  Everyday she surprises me with something new that she has learned and I can honestly say that her teachers have been able to help her learn things that I have been working on with her forever.
          For these very special teachers Ava and I decided that they would love a set of handmade alphabet and number beanbags for their end of year thank you gift.   I was up late last night finishing these along with their drawstring bag but I really think they were worth it.  I almost wanted to keep them for Ava and Anthony.  I see myself making another set very soon.
 {they did love them by the way}
         I was thinking about posting a version of these in my shop but because of the weight of the dried bean filling the shipping is approx $45.  I think selling these locally is the way to go.

On another note, did you know that I am living with a celebrity impersonator!!!

Yes I think my mother is right.....time for a haircut!!!


  1. I laugh every time i see that picture of Ava on her first day of school. It screams - "See ya, i'm outa here!!". haha. love it!

    As for little Anth - i'm thinking you should do a little boy cut - just short all around, but not too short. The typical little boy doo!

    What does everyone else think?? Anyone vote for a buzz cut??

  2. I feel like Ava has grown SO much over this year, i can't believe she's starting actual elementary school in sept! and anthony IS DEFINATELY in need for a haircut, krista i won't reveal anthony's haristyle in the car today!!! haha. i agree with Andee, just an all around cut/trim. we'll be able to see his cute little face so much more!!!