Monday, May 13, 2013

spoiled rotten

Dandelion root if you just weed by pulling the head I do!

felt ball and pom pom flowers made by the kids and I for my Mom

Ava creating one of MANY snack plates
the dinner fort

not a happy dinner fort diner.... he requested bed shortly after this pic

many many games of old maid were played

We had an amazing weekend.  Re-sod the backyard (a project planned before our challenge started), visited with family and friends and enjoyed a cold rainy mother's day.
I would like nothing more than to write a sentimental and meaningful post about motherhood and how much it means to me, but to be honest, I don't think I could do the topic justice.  
What I do know is that I love this little family of mine so much, and today, they showered with me with love and handmade projects to show me how much I mean to them.  The kids scurried around me all day, fetching things and giving me cuddles and whispering.  I love the whispers of outrageous plans and details I'm not meant to hear.  
With the exception of picking up some "very important" food supplies from the grocery store, Sri and the kids made me gifts from what we had around the house. A collage using magazine pictures, a really catchy song they recorded on the trying to figure out how to make it my ringtone..., they made a blanket fort to eat a snack plate dinner of all of my favourite foods.... sushi, swedish berries and guacamole.... a unique combination to say the least.  I went to bed very happy but with a bit of a stomach ache.  
I am so lucky.  I hit the lottery with this family and now I just need to remember that at 8:15am when I'm already on my last nerve, someone spills their milk, I step on a Lego piece and the dog pukes on the floor (or something like that).

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