Monday, May 7, 2012

the verdict is in!

Yes, we all know that i am trying to "simplify" my life.... I'm not sure that I even know what that is supposed to look like anymore.  In an attempt to figure out what is actually "complicating" my life I have been omitting certain activities to see what kind of impact they are having.  This kind of sounds like trying to figure out if you have a food sensitivity, doesn't it?

Last week I took a break from blogs (including my own) and Pinterest .
This was a hard one!  I realized that I waste A LOT of time reading blogs, lurking facebook and pinning and really do need to limit myself....I would get so much more done in the evenings.  I whole-heartedly missed posting the goings on around here though.  I felt the need to go back to paper journaling for the week and it just didn't feel the same.  So the verdict is obviously in.... dump lurking but keep blogging. I think we all could have predicted that outcome!

This past week took me by complete surprise.  I seemed super sensitive to noticing growth all around me.

1. Ava with her first loose tooth.....and yes I cried (ugly cried) when she showed it to me!

2. Anthony with his new big boy haircut....I swear he instantly aged


3. My "little" cousin Emma moving to Europe....moving!  

sorry about the blurry pic Em, lets blame grandma's lighting!

4.  Our terrarium farm is growing like crazy....we will soon be harvesting mini carrots and strawberries

5.   both kids made HUGE improvements in skating this week....well, Ava made improvements in actual skating skills and Anthony's had more to do with attitude adjustments,  but growth all the same!

6.  Ava can swing super high without a starting push....this also made me cry!

7.  business green thimble products.    These are pencil rolls that I will be selling at the Mayfair held by the Westdale Children's School on May 26th.  They are going to be $10 and will come with a handmade notebook.  Throw them in a tote bag, head off to the park and spend the afternoon colouring....we do!

With all of this growth last week I felt old, I felt like life was moving way too fast and I couldn't get it to slow down.  How is it that I have a daughter old enough to be losing teeth?  How do I have a son able to play by himself in the backyard?  I get really choked up thinking about how quickly time flies  but I am ever so glad that I have this space to share these moments with you  because in some small weird way it helps things slow down just a little bit.

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