Thursday, May 17, 2012

busy bee

busy hive
princess and the pea

work in progress:: three little pigs
I have been working on these softie sets ($20/set) for the Mayfair that I am participating in on May 26th. 
Okay, I know that I am biased but I must admit that I am totally in love with each of these sets.  No flashing lights, buttons to push, rules to follow or batteries to install, just plain old fashioned imagination and creativity required.  

Each piece was hand embroidered lovingly by me whilst watching the entire of season 1 of Community on Netflix....hilarious!  

In an ideal world I imagine children sitting quietly on their bedroom floor building stories and houses and little make-believe worlds for these pieces.  My own kids have been BEGGING to play with these sets (ah the forbidden fruit) and I have actually  caught Anthony rifling through my sewing stuff trying to find them the other day....I have them very well hidden!  

I think I am going to work on some woodland creatures next but I also have 3 billygoats gruff on my mind.... I think I'll leave that decision up to the kids. I just may end up with an entire set of Ninja turtles!


  1. Krista, do you just freehand embroider or do you transfer a pattern on? I've been wanting to embroider some of R's artwork but I'm kind of stuck at how to get the design on the fabric (I'm not the best drawer). And tips?

    BTW - LOVE the Princess and the Pea!!

  2. hey tamara, I both free hand and transfer using carbon paper. when i embroider the kids artwork i usually make a photocopy of the piece if fits and use the carbon paper. I overheard someone say that if they are using a dark coloured fabric to embroider on then they transfer the image by covering the back of paper in chalk and tracing onto the fabric....I have never tried it and it sounds a little messy but I guess its worth a try. Thanks for the princess and the pea love.... you can snatch it up at the Mayfair!