Friday, March 2, 2012

the three miracles

This past week I have witnessed 3 true miracles in this house.


 :: remember this green smoothie (banana, spinach, frozen strawberries, almond milk, ginger and hemp hearts) from a couple of weeks ago?  The kids only make a small groan now when I put a very very small amount if front of them.  This is a huge improvement from the tears, gagging noises and in once case a full on tantrum including collapsing to the ground and writhing around.


:: Our dear sweet Captain Hook was found Wednesday morning floating upside down at the top of his tank.  When we opened the tank to scoop him out he started fluttering around and spent the whole day swimming around on his back with only partial movement of his fins.  At first I diagnosed him with a stroke and then after some intensive internet research we discovered that he in fact was suffering from swim bladder....who knew?  Ava suggested we pray for him (thank you Catholic School) and low and behold the next morning he had made a full recovery!    He seems a little more aggressive than I remember him....maybe it was a stroke after all!


:: these delightful children have been playing with each other relatively fight free for the past 2 hours.  This is the most magical miracle of them all!  I was able to sit and read, look through flyers, make a grocery list, TALK ON THE PHONE without having to stop the conversation to tend to a crisis.  HALLELUJAH!

Let's hope next week is full of miracles as well... or maybe just a bit of quiet time.

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