Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring equinox

We welcomed spring today in the best way that we know how.  With friends, with bare feet, with snacks and all on the most delightful slice of heaven that I can imagine.... a simpler thyme organic farm.  The kids bounced, we all soaked in the sun, hiked, explored, found green little buds everywhere and just enjoyed.  Today actually felt so much like the first day of summer that the kids spent the afternoon trying on summer clothes and running around the house in ill fitting swimsuits from last year (the pictures were too much to post).  I do hope that spring weather makes an appearance and we don't just bounce into summer.  Bring on the showers, bring on the fog, the crisp days and most importantly bring on ASPARAGUS!  The kids put their heads down on their pillows tonight exhausted after a day of playing outdoors and a much needed bath.  That, I would say, is the perfect way to start off spring!

If you are interested in visiting a simpler thyme organic farm, check out  all the details along with contact information in this post over at the eclectic kitchen.  Let me know when you go...we could meet you there!

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  1. We were SO happy to have shared the first day of Spring with you guys! You guys truly are delightful people.
    Tanya xo