Thursday, March 22, 2012

the real right nows

following Tanya in the "real right nows"

right now...

... I am posting without pictures because all of the pictures I took today turned out blurry without me noticing until I uploaded them....grrrr!

... I have a sink (and countertop) full of dishes and NO desire to do them...any takers?

... I am grateful to have gotten my phone fixed but am a little annoyed that the backing that the man put on my phone had a huge scratch across the lens..... hence BLURRY pictures

.... I am sunburned despite putting on sunscreen.  My children however looked sunkissed and adorable

... I am trying to figure out a cute way to take pictures of all of the bonnets that I am putting on etsy....any suggestions?  I think Anthony is getting a bit old and guido looking to pull off the bonnet model look this year.

... I am praying that my kids sleep through the night tonight

.... I am trying to figure out what kind of lunch I am going to pull together for Ava tomorrow

.... I am regretting cancelling cable

.... I am sad about the loss of my rice cooker tonight.  That is 3 appliances that have broken on me in the last 2 days....sewing machine, phone and rice cooker.  I think my luck will start to turn now...right?

...  I am going to spend an obscene amount of time on pinterest

....  I am hoping that I have a better attitude tomorrow.  I am pretty sure the kids hope so too.

....  I am wondering if we have any jujubes left downstairs

.... I am on my way downstairs to investigate ....wish me luck!


  1. You got rid of cable AGAIN? When will you learn?? (any luck with the jubbies?)

  2. Love "the real right now's"!