Friday, January 27, 2012

The triplets and a tradesman

Today I would like to formally introduce 3 new members to our family.  Izzy, Battle Cat and Captain Hook joined our family about 2 weeks ago and let me assure you that they have had some real highs and lows during that time.  I think they have finally adjusted to having our four faces pressed against the glass on a pretty constant basis.  I love listening to the kids chit chat with the fish.  Last night I actually hear Anthony say " good night Battle Cat... you were a very good listener today!"... I could devour that kid.  Just a word of warning, if you think it would be great fun to turn the tank light off and on like a strobe light and have a fish dance party IT IS NOT.... based on the book that Ava took out of the library, it could stress them out and KILL them.  Ava set a new family parties for humans only!

Anthony fancies himself quite a tradesman around here.  This is his current style of choice and I LOVE IT!

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