Monday, January 23, 2012

Kung Hei Fat Choy

2012 has been my year....I know I'm only 23 days in.  I have dubbed this year "my year of organization" and I have been able to make a great start thanks to my most treasured 2012 Laurel Denise Planner.   Not only does it look FANTASTIC, it feels fantastic and it is fantastically functional.  The layout allows me to look at the month, week and day all at the same time... are you reading my excitement??  The quality of the paper is doesn't smudge or bleed through. I actually saw Ava just running her hand over the February page the other day...."just because".  There are pockets to put all my little papers in, spots to write notes and inspirations and oh so much more.  

At first I was a little concerned that I wasn't going to be able to fit my huge and sloppy hand writing in the allotted spaces BUT all i needed to do was buy a very fine pen (well actually a few of them in different colours) and my sloppy writing has been magically transformed into neat and orderly script.... would that concept work with dress sizes?

I always buy a new planner at the beginning of each year and I never use it past January  because they are always very impractical in a variety of ways.  I predict I will be using this planner WELL past January and am planning to buy the pink one for next year....okay i'm getting ahead of myself.

This planner is for my personal use only as I am not a fan of people chicken scratching in
my prize possession.  I have put a cheap calander up on the fridge for that kind of know who you are!   
This planner has truly helped me to release my inner stationary geek and get organized in a non-stressful way.
Thank you Laurel Denise for thinking of everything in your planner!
and thank you Dave of mixed media for hunting it down for me!

Continuing with the theme of New Year, I was so excited to celebrate Chinese New Year with the kids and Sri this year.  I even went all out and bought this adorable book to get them involved.   I had planned to have a big dinner and try to incorporate as many of the New Year traditions that I could.  Unfortunately, I was the ONLY one excited about this in my fact I think one of the kids actually hid the book because I had been going on about it so much. So happy lunar New Year from ME!  Im counting this as my new years day so that I can restart my resolutions...none of which i have been able to keep....NONE!


  1. I LOVE this planner! I'm going back to work in a couple of weeks, so I've been stressing about finding a great planner to get everything organized. I think I'll be heading over to the site!

  2. maybe give mixed media a call and see if he still has any left in stock! Going back to work in a few weeks?

  3. And yet I recall a certain someone making fun of her younger sister each September for her love ( ok obsession) of all things stationary!! My how the tables have turned! Enjoy your planner and new fine tipped pens - are they gel? (yes the obsession has stayed with me).

  4. I go back Feb 13th. I'm kind of excited to speak to adults and have a paid break! ;) Did you get yours from Mixed Media? They have them for the same price?