Wednesday, September 7, 2011

be brave

YAY!!!! we all survived the first day of school for a new school and french immersion to top it all off.  I was so proud of Ava today.  She was brave (and actually was heard saying quietly to herself as she got out of the car "be brave ava, be brave ava)....much braver than I ever expected and is willing to return back to school without a fuss.  What more can you ask for.
She has spent the evening speaking "french", which really consists of mispronouncing english words and rolling her r's. 

I need help from all of you lunch takers out there.....what kind of containers do you suggest for a litterless lunch?  THe ones I have are too heavy for ava.... I asked her to spy on her classmates to see what they had but she was unwilling to accept that mission.  


  1. I was reading something just today about making litterless lunches: doesn't look all that helpful on second glance. I've heard that bento boxes are good.

  2. We're using a combination of kids konserve stainless containers w/ silicone lids; and steeltainers.

    If you're not anti-plastic, the lock & lock containers are perfect....