Tuesday, September 6, 2011

farwell dear friend

Goodbye summer vacation.....you have left us too soon....but thoroughly exhausted.  We have loved the long summer days, the evenings we have played outside well into the dark, the snack plate meals, the impromptu road trips, the time spent with family, the wrinkly skin of spending HOURS in the pool, the park playing, the making of random friends and oh so much more.  Here are some highlight pics from our summer vacation romance 

outdoor movies at city hall

searching for tadpoles

being given (not winning) a HUGE jar of jelly bellys

Lake Nippissing sunsets

LOTS of roasted marshmallows

our first wedding party debut

pipe cleaner crafts with SUPIE

making mustaches

often feeling like I was free falling over the falls

practicing for next season of Survivor

contemplating feeding the horses

Fall is right around the corner and tomorrow is the first day of school for Ava.  Check the blog tomorrow to see how the day went (Ava is predicting HORRIBLE!)....also look for pictures where I am standing in the background wiping the tears from my eyes (why are my kids growing so quickly???)

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