Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How much can you jam into your weekend?

This weekend we::

                  :: had a hula hooping party (stay tuned for a hula hoop making tutorial!)

:: went on a fairy quest at the RBG, where the kids were given the names primula hollyhock and weaval spiderwick by the fairy godmother and then she sprinkled them with fairy dust...this thrilled Ava to no end!

                                              :: got faces painted by the fairies

                                                 :: hit a couple different splash pads

:: learned to walk the balance beam...Anthony now thinks he qualifies for a spot in the circus...I don't know about the circus but watch out jersey shore

                           :: went to the Westfield Heritage Village for their annual Ice Cream Festival

                                                 :: got our faces painted AGAIN!

                                              :: ate huge amounts of cotton candy

:: watched an amazing vaudeville show by Kobbler Jay

:: spotted these adorable little girls having an old fashioned picnic in the shade...complete with tea cups and needlework

:: looks disgusting I admit...but the highlight of the ice cream festival for me were these pickles.  They were the MOST delicious thing I ate all weekend......I actually passed up the ice cream in favour of the pickles....sick I know but well worth the swollen ankles from all the sodium!

Yes we crammed a lot into this long weekend and it did result in very tired and cranky children (and parents) but it was so much fun along the way.  

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