Tuesday, May 3, 2011

serious bookbinders avert your eyes

       The kids found this phone in the basement the other day and it became an instant hit.  Ava has been wandering around the house with it having hilarious conversations and scribbling down random numbers on any little piece of paper she can find....she actually panic whispers to me "get me some paper quick!" on a regular basis.  A little tired of picking up these papers with phantom phone numbers on them I decided that we would make a few notebooks using this fantastic video tutorial by angry chicken (an awesome blog!).
 We got to work on them right after dinner tonight and I must say that I am totally impressed...they came together very easily and Ava's art work on the cover put it over the top adorable.
I chose this picture to not only showcase her notebook but look at those TIGHTS...

Ava chose to add an envelope to the back of her book as suggested by Amy just in case she had some "secret numbers".....really!?!

Since the kids have gone to bed I have made 5 more notebooks.....obsessive? creative? inspired? PROCRASTINATOR!!!!

Word of warning to family and close friends: she is asking for phone numbers to write in her book and she intends on using them...luckily she hasn't found out how to make her phone functional yet...YET!

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