Wednesday, April 20, 2011

super easy easter craft!

source:: joel heinriques

We had so much fun the other night making and playing with these  Tumble Bunnies from the blog Made by Joel that I thought it would be nice to share it with everyone.  My friend tells me that these bunnies are like Mighty Beanz....I must go out and get some (thanks Holly!)
Ava and I decided to try and make a little tutorial for these tumble here goes!

First print out the tumble bunny template from the Made by Joel blog (we found that using just plain printer paper helped the bunny flip faster).  You can colour your bunnies of course...we chose to colour ours because we love any excuse to use our smelly markers!
Next cut out the template (obviously giving the SHARPEST scissors you can find to a 4 year old!).  ONce the bunnies are all cut out you can fold along the dotted lines on each side and tape the ends together....also at this point you can tape one of the sides closed so it looks
                                              like this
Now choose 2 marbles of about the same weight.  Obviously I have a surplus....thanks value village!

Drop the 2 marbles in the open side and then tape it up!  
DONE!! it is really that easy

Set up an a little slope and let them flip their way works best if they are not on a smooth surface.
I have a video of the kids racing them down this slope but I thought that when Ava grew up she would never forgive me as she was wearing an ill fitting ballet leotard and singing J-Lo hits as she was playing..... on the other hand she could be a youtube sensation.....hmm I'll have to think about it.

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