Sunday, May 23, 2010

I heart sun hats

Okay I am totally addicted to making sun hats for the kids.  They are quick, easy and the kids always look oh so cute in them.  The first one I made was for Anthony and I used this McCall's pattern that I bought from the thrift store (a real score because it had all the pattern pieces).  

The hat is made out of some old linen curtains and I hand embroidered locally grown across the front.  It fits him perfectly and he keeps it on which is super important.... I really don't like darting here and there trying to catch hats that are being flung off of heads.  Next time I think I would line the brim in a contrasting fabric and maybe use a medium weight interfacing  instead of HEAVY which has resulted in a cardboard-like brim.

My next sun hat adventure was started at 10pm last night after trying to pack for a day at Marineland (more on that another day) and realizing that my dear sweet Ava only had her precious T-ball hat to protect her head (and that hat is NOT cute) so in my insanity I made her the most adorable hat.  I bought the e-book pattern from here and got started right away.  I love this hat and the pattern was so easy to follow with great step by step pictures.  I caused the only problem.... I made it a little small (I should have read the sizing chart a little more closely).  I also didn't line the hat as it called for because I used the serger on all the seams.  Ava does not like her head to be hot so I thought the less fabric the better.  I will be starting a new hat with the same pattern but in a bigger size as soon as I finish this post.  I have big plans for my kids heads.....I'm just hoping that one day they will actually let me take a picture of them with the hats on.

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