Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Over the last couple of weeks we have had many firsts around here.... Lord A's first steps, our first asparagus and strawberries of the season and  our first 2010 trip to the zoo but none of these firsts (well maybe the steps) were quite as exciting as Lady A's first T-ball game.
I tend towards the solitary sports myself....knitting, sewing and cooking..... so I wasn't much help, but the Mister has been waiting for this day and was prepared like no other.  He became a co- coach by default and it was a joy to watch him and Lady A in their element.
It took 2 hours to play 2 innings but I think a grand time was had by all.
Here are some highlights
First ever at-bat.....she hit the ball well and then

                                         she chased the ball and tried to grab it herself
                        once she got the hang of it she really whipped around those bases
to be welcomed by her father/coach at home plate............ the excitement and pride on her face is priceless.

I am so looking forward to many more t-ball firsts

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  1. Your blog is great! I love your crafty bonnets and bags and *embroidered cards!*
    May the word spread about the cool sewer with the green thimble on etsy,