Tuesday, June 4, 2013

this bountiful harvest

In all of my gardening experience (very little), nothing is sweeter than the first harvest of the season.  This is an even sweeter event because this beautifully soaking, freshly cut lettuce took ZERO effort.  It self-seeded from last year and was watered by mother nature.  I just sat by, watched and waited, like an animal stalking its prey, until the right moment to snip off some leaves.  This is going to make a delicious salad for lunch tomorrow with some goat cheese and dressed with a very light lemon vinaigrette.  I wish I could tell you what kind of lettuce this is but I don't keep a very good garden journal, actually I just scribble things on random pieces of paper with the intention of putting in a journal.  I vaguely remember hastily throwing the seeds into the container with Ava last year in an attempt to get her interested in gardening and forcing her to listen to another one of my rants on being more aware of the food that we eat...blah blah blah.  
Tomorrow as I shovel this lettuce into my mouth I will remember to be thankful for the ease with which it grew because I'm sure the rest of my garden won't let me off quite so easily.  

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