Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun Fair/ Unfair?

We have been cruising along in this challenge of not-spending pretty successfully for the last month and a halfish.   I think the key to our success has been avoiding the risk of temptation.  We have been sticking to "safe" activities like hiking, swimming at my moms and hanging out with family and friends.  

Well let me assure you that last night our commitment to this lifestyle intention was tested and we were forced to make some very difficult and, as you can see from the above photos, very unpopular decisions.  
Last night, Ava's school held their annual Fun Fair.  She has been geared up about attending for days and I have been trying to prepare her for the fact that she can in fact go to the fair but because of our challenge she will not be able to spend any money there.  
That seemed to sit well with her until I picked her up after school.  Right away she started banging on to me about cotton candy and jumpy castles.  
With tears in her eyes she calmly said what I was dreading to hear "but all of my friends get to...".  Oh man, I knew it was coming but I really wasn't prepared.  Before starting "no-spending" (I really have to find a better name for our challenge...any suggestions?) the kids would have been able to have a reasonable but fairly unlimited amount of treats and rides and now I am forced to put my foot down.  While driving home Ava started to escalate.... flinging herself into full meltdown mode over cotton candy.   You would not have believed the drama.  I tried to calmly respond and allow her to have her freak out but oh my goodness it was almost comical.  
I really had to remind myself why it was important to stick to our decision because I was ready to give in...believe me.  I tried to point out that the fair was not about FOOD but about the fun of spending time with your friends.  I really felt like telling myself to shut up because I totally understood where she was coming from.  When I go to a fair, the first thing I am thinking of is funnel cake....I get it and obviously I see where she gets it from! 
 I needed to find some way to compromise without giving in.  Sri and I decided that she could have $2 to spend on "experiences" (like the jumpy castle)...not things/food and she could bring a snack if she felt like she would be hungry while there.  This seemed to sit well with her although she wasn't entirely convinced it was "fair".  

Here she is upon return from the fun fair.  She had a great time and was able to squeeze $2 more out of her father for more jumps in the bouncy castle.  When she came home she was so happy with herself for not asking for cotton candy..."I just ate my pears and ignored it".  I am proud of all of us! We stuck to our commitment and still had fun in the process.  This isn't easy but I can assure that has been totally worth it so far!

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