Friday, May 17, 2013

get-up-and-go went

I woke up this morning knowing that I had put off a lot of the weeks tasks until today.  I was motivated and ready when my eyes popped open but this is already how I feel and it is only 6:48 Am.
I am overwhelmed.
 I have a pile of flyers in front of me and I am trying to make a healthy and reasonable grocery list. My goal is to try and cut down the amount of meat we are eating, but with BBQ season that is a bit difficult.  I hesitate to cut back on  BBQing  because it makes life so much easier!!.

 I am also a bit on edge because today is my first Costco trip since we started our "buy nothing new challenge".  I love the book aisle, the office supply section and oh of course the pop and poutine after you checkout!  I must stick to my list.  I am hoping that I can complete my grocery mission without snapping.  I have to say Anthony's constant nonsense chattering in my ear since 5:20AM is NOT helping... I love that child, but oh my goodness.  I have to find a way to change my attitude before this day gets away from me.  
Wish me luck and send me some positive and pleasant energy.... I need it.
Its a bit ranty and a lot tangential but its how I'm rolling this morning.

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