Monday, November 5, 2012

waiting out the storm

                                                                      Source: Uploaded by user via Krista on Pinterest

The weather around here has been less than optimal recently.  We have had a few weeks of cold, windy and not good to play in, rain.  I have struggled to keep the kids occupied.  Yes, there have been a few marathon days of iCarly and Power Rangers Samarai but for the most part we have been having a good time playing together.  Wanna know my trick?

My sanity was saved by the playclip!

These amazing wooden clips work just like huge clothespins and are easy enough for young children to manipulate.  Around this house the main use of these clips is to hold our forts together.

see how easily the fabric clips the the edge of a stool!
We keep a basket around with our fort making supplies...a few sheets, scarves and play clips (bought here )... add in a few chairs, stools and any other clippable surface and the kids have a fort whipped up in no time.

Anthony loves fort construction! The axe is actually for "protection from invaders" in case you were wondering.
Ava is the "foreman" of the job, shouting out random numbers and then writing furiously on her clipboard.  Apparently we have passed her inspection and the fort is ready for action (or fake sleeping)

Oh, just in case forts aren't your thing, playclips can also be used as spiderweb shooters, nose pluggers, claws, earrings and oh so much more.

Gift idea!!! A fort kit.... a few flat sheets/scarves, a flashlight, a fantastic book and some playclips.  I'm sure that any child (and many adults) in your life would love to receive this ..... I WOULD!

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