Monday, November 12, 2012

highly recommended

I don't think it would surprise any of you to find out that we have a lot of art supplies around the house. We go through phases as to which are our favourites.... Sharpies tend to get a lot of use as does SPARKLE GLUE.  I thought I would just let you know what we are loving right now.

We are addicted to using our set of Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 pencils.  These chubby little pencils/crayons/watercolours have helped to amp up the art output to crazy proportions.  

I bought them at Mixed Media where they came highly recommended by the most adorable 4 year old, the owner's son, who hangs out with his Dad at the store some mornings and has great suggestions.  
I must say he really wasn't wrong.  We bought a pack of 10 which came with a great assortment of colours along with a sharpener.  There are also sold in packs of 6 or singly.  I plan on collecting all 18 colours.  Oh I mean, the kids are excited to collect all 18 colours.
We all have a different way we like to use these pencils.  I like to draw my picture with marker, colour in with the pencil and then dip a brush in some water to make a watercolour piece.  Ava likes to press really hard with the pencil to get a very rich colour and "HATES" adding water.  Anthony, as you can imagine, soaks his paper with water first and then just draws away and then uses his fingers to blend and get his desired effect.  The blue picture on the left on the piano is one of his... it is a "shark attacking the water".  

*hint* We now use this heavier weight paper (also bought at Mixed Media) so that the paper doesn't ball up or tear when adding water.  I also highly recommend this purchase!   Anthony was brought to tears a number of times when his picture disintegrated in front of his eyes.   I was being el cheapo and forcing the kids to use whatever paper we had.   Lesson learned. 

I really can't tell you how much fun we have been having creating with these pencils.  They would be an excellent gift for ANYONE you know! 

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