Thursday, April 5, 2012

round here

We've been sickies in this house and believe me when I tell you recouperation has been a very slow process.  This means that I have been slow and totally unmotivated.  There has been lots of laying on the couch, cuddling babes, watching Power Rangers, making snack plates and tending fevers.  
I am basically unprepared for Easter!  Oh ya, my round up of to do projects....NOT STARTED.
Treats bought....NOT YET!
Eggs dyed....NOPE!
Easter dinner planned.... HAVEN'T REALLY EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT IT!
I have 2 days to pull it all together which I know is more than enough time for a crazy woman such as myself... right?

In between illnesses we did manage a couple of outings::

:: the One of Kind Show, where I fell in love with ......

... these beautiful magnetic pieces of wood.  I thought they would be a perfect pin cushion.  For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the artisan so I can buy one online.   I must have shoved a thousand cards in my bag that day and was not smart enough to pay attention to which was which..... BOOO!

:: "candylion" picking.  I am finding these candylions in every pocket of every coat and sweater that we own.

:: on a cruise ship. The kids were inspired to turn the couch into a cruise ship after reading the most ridiculous book....Walter the Farting Dog goes on a Cruise.  It is however most adorable that Anthony calls it "Fawlter the tooting dog".   Sorry about the crazy eyes in the picture.  I tried everything in photoshop to fix them but they just kept getting crazier!

:: Anthony's first fancy dress tea party.  How adorable is this?????

On the sewing front, I have a few works in progress that I will hopefully have done and posted about very soon.   Think bonnets and puppet theatres....get excited!

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  1. Way too adorable...
    I just loved our tea party & we can't wait to host another.
    I am so glad everyone has recouped. What an adventure packed week of sickness!