Thursday, March 15, 2012

march madness

This week we....

:: rode this horse at the arcade a few too many times

:: until it started going out of control. Notice I chose to take pictures rather than rescue my son....shame on me!

:: went bowling

:: and looked adorable doing it

:: took advantage of the fantastic weather and went hiking

:: went to a rock concert?

:: nope... just the Toronto Zoo.  We waited 1hr 45 min just to get in

:: wrestled a komodo dragon

:: melted down

:: located the most important part of the zoo

:: really?  I don't think this needs a caption!

:: let Anthony have control of the camera for a half hour and this was the best pic of the bunch

::overdosed on jolly ranchers and NEVER got tired of taking pictures of our stained tongues

I have had so much fun this March break...can't we have just one more week?

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