Sunday, February 12, 2012

she had moves like jaggar

This past Friday night Ava went to her first school family dance.  We have been planning for this dance for weeks... picking outfits, making dresses, finding accessories and practicing dance moves.    

 It took a while for Ava to come out of her shell but once she did...WATCH OUT!  She was all over that dance floor (mostly just jumping up and down...which I did not participate in for a number of fairly obvious reasons!). 
 You could tell that Sri and I haven't been out in quite a while because we were really into it....actually dancing like it was OUR school dance! 
Anthony was more the creep around the edges of the dance floor kind of guy but had quite a swagger and was seen wiggling with the ladies at times.

To complete the whole dance experience we had to stop by McDonalds for happy meals...what is a dance without an unhealthy late night (8pm) snack right?  
We spent the weekend recovering from our wild Friday night...getting ready for this event really took it out of us.  

green thimble update
Just in case you forgot that I actually DO make children's clothing and accessories (I will have to start posting more about my sewing!) I thought I would share 2 adorable pictures that I received from some happy apron customers.
This picture is from Giuliana (who takes breathtaking  birth photos.... check it out here)

This picture was sent to me by my friend Tanya who has just started an amazing blog called the Brown Bunch... check it out, it is an inspiring read.

Thanks to both of you for sending me these pictures... I love seeing my work in action. Your daughters are adorable and I am so glad you are getting use out of your aprons!

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