Sunday, February 5, 2012

kicking it up a notch

Friday nights are usually movie night in this house.  The kids love it because we all snuggle up on the couch (knitting not allowed) and watch a movie that they have chosen (input by parents not allowed).  This week the kids and I decided that movie night, although fun as is, needed a little jazzing up.  The kids chose to set up a concession stand and charge admission.  They spent the majority of the afternoon making signs, tickets and planning snacks.  They rushed through dinner like I have never seen so that they could get to the movie.  They were very professional.... calling me "miss" and Sri "mister", a little un-hygenic and a lot adorable.  We were escorted to our seats by Anthony (who wore gardening gloves for the occasion) and covered with blankets.

The movie the kids chose was HORRIBLE but I really didn't care because the whole process was just so darn cute.  The kids can't wait until next Friday night but we were informed that "real money" will be required and that it is "not going to be cheap".  I think that if we are paying than I am going to DEMAND that WE get to choose the movie!


  1. That is the cutest thing (and most adorable pictures) I have ever seen!!! At least Anth took his gardening gloves off to hand out ( literally) the popcorn!! Haha. Love it!!

  2. We have movie night on Saturdays and it's "no knitting allowed" here too - mostly because my daughter insists that the room is as dark as possible and I inevitably make a mistake after a minute or two.

    Love the little concession stand made by your little guys. Hopefully they won't charge you standard movie theatre prices next week when real money is required!! :)