Thursday, December 22, 2011


Just a little post to whine about my morning with the intention of making you feel sorry for me/ get a little much needed motivational parenting advice.

1. the kids and I started off this morning (9:00) waiting 45 min to renew Anthony's WAY overdue healthcard....not too bad right? How about Anthony yelling out "that man beside us stinks DISGUSTING"

 Limeridge mall::
1. Tommy Hillfiger-
was forced to wait in a huge line just to find out the total on my gift card was 1/4 of what I thought it was supposed to be
-the kids behaved so badly in said line that the woman in front of me turned around and said "don't worry, it will get easier"
- while i was looking for a watch (for a gift) I looked down to see anthony licking the cabinet glass... obviously i took the first watch I clapped eyes on
- ava had to be asked by staff (x2) to stop touching the sunglasses
- when we went to leave the alarm started to go off......of course Anthony was wearing one of their purses....OF COURSE

2. Kernels popcorn
-the kids took FOREVER to choose bags...ava chose one of the disgusting holiday mixtures and anthony went with double butter.  I asked for the SMALLEST size which the girl assured me was a small. While I was paying I heard the woman behind me ask for a snack size.....what???

3.  Shoppers drug mart-
I only had to buy gift problem.
I grabbed them and headed into a LONG line only to find once we got up to the counter that gift cards were not accepted at that register SOOOO we head to the back of that line.  While I was trying to stop Ava from requesting and touching every little product we stood by Anthony took a huge bite out of a kinder egg.  Just to top it all off, the lady in front of us had a return.

4.  Santa
The elf taking the picture was a mean and nasty elf....end of story!

The day did get better in the afternoon only because we All had mandatory nap time.  Now the kids are in their beds sleeping and look like little angels and I am sitting on the couch writing this while watching A Christmas Story.  Compared to this morning, right now I am living in paradise!


  1. made my night. I definitely loved your adventure!! My time is coming for sure, but until then, I'll happily hear about your day. ;)

  2. OMG I love that post. Your day makes my seemingly crazy work day seem like a party!! Well don't worry, maybe tomorrow "will get better"!! Happy wrapping.