Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm thankful for.....

Happy Thanksgiving to all of those celebrating today.  In honour of your holiday I thought I would write a little giving thanks post.

I'm thankful for.... forgotten on the phone

...crisp afternoons spent at the park bridging the EVER so dreaded gap between the end of school and dinner

...ava becoming so very brave at the playground

...a winter coat I got for anthony last year that he is clearly going to be wearing until he is 20!

... a nice big pot of 0pt soup at the ready

....a million huge bags of fabric graciously gifted to me by a friend that included such beauties as this piece and many many like it!

...boxes of seedless clementines from far off countries (locavores look away)
... a little girl who LOVES homework
...the pig who gave his life for us to eat WELL this winter 

...afternoons spent crafting and peacefully co-exsisiting (@ opposite ends of the table of course)

... a shoe situation that went from this

.... to this

to FINALLY this!!!!!

I am aware that I have A LOT to be thankful for but am also painfully aware that i don't say thank you enough.
Soooo, Thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys this little blog of mine.  I love hearing from you and am so very appreciate ALL of your comments and support! 


  1. No, thank you for your awesome blog!! I find myself smiling and/or laughing out loud each time I read a new post. Keep them coming!! xo

  2. thanks anonymous! I am so glad you enjoy the posts. and thank you for posting a comment even though I know the comment process can be frustrating!