Monday, November 14, 2011

are you my friend?

My sister came over tonight (amidst chaos) for a visit, and brought us this bag of friendship bread starter.  She brought along with her the instructions on how to turn this bag of mush into enough dough for 3 loaves of bread in 10 days.  The idea is that at the end of the 10 days you divide the dough into 3 cups.... keep one and give 2 away.  We are all very excited (except Anthony who declared the idea "BO-WING") to babysit this starter for the next 10 days and then pass on some.

To help us keep organized (which I am not) I wrote our daily friendship bread instructions on our calendar so that the kids could follow along and help care for this bag of mush ... Anthony also declared this "Bo-wing"....I'm hoping his attitude changes soon!
If you are looking to start a friendship bread the instructions are here.

If you are looking to prove yourself as my friend or just get a cup of my starter leave a comment and I will get some to you.

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