Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yesterday we celebrated the 7th birthday of our dear dog Ruby .  It is so hard to believe that she is already 7....my oldest baby.  I can remember the day we got her, and how she used to terrorize me by nipping at my pants and socks whenever my feet touched the floor.  She has been so wonderful each time we brought a new baby into the house and protects them as if they were her own.  Last night we threw her quite a birthday bash, complete with peanut butter delight dog cupcakes (recipe here), party hats, birthday cards, chicken mixed in with her dinner and a nice long walk.   Since Ava is now a birthday party expert (she attended her first party without me on the weekend) she is planning Ruby's next party....expect invitations, snacks, a pinata  and perhaps bowling.

Also, check out my post over here about  DIY watercolours using everyday pantry items and bottle caps....super easy and a money saver!

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