Friday, July 8, 2011

holla.. it's a birthday party!

My dear sweet Ava is turning 5 (I know, I know...where has the time gone!) and I have been deep in prep mode for the first of her  many birthday celebrations.
  She specifically requested a maxi dress for the occasion, so using this shirring tutorial I got to work and made this adorable dress along with
matching hair barrets using fabric covered buttons hot glued to dollar store clips.  I sense a new obsession budding!

Tonight I got to work on ruffled streamers to hang for festive decor...I used this tutorial from Dana's amazing blog MADE.

On the list for tomorrow:: putting loot bags together, ordering balloons, pre-chopping veggies and making cake pops.

I am a bit nervous about attempting these (I have been procrastinating.... they were supposed to be made last week and frozen for the big day but  fresh is best right?)  I am going to follow these instructions from the woman who created them herself, can I go wrong.

wish me luck.... i will most definitely need it!

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