Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have suspected for some while now that my kids are picking the foods they like based on its name (am i the last mother on the face of the earth to figure this out?). I now have proof.  On my kick of providing healthy snacks for the family (BORING) I decided to make a batch of  "healthy" brownies late last night to surprise the kids for breakfast.

brownies after the kids were attacking them
I found this recipe at red cordial revolution for black bean brownies that are gluten free and full of nutrition.  Okay, I followed the recipe exactly and guess what.....GROSS++++++. The texture, taste and smell of these "brownies" were off the charts disgusting according to both Sri and I.

PROOF... The next day the kids spotted the "brownies" (which I had left out thinking that they may get better if they sat out for a bit) and were so excited.  They gobbled and gobbled these black bean beauties until their little stomachs were hurting from all the beanieness.  I am hoping I can carry this charade on for a little while feels good to know they are eating a little healthier .....I also enjoy feeling like i have amazing willpower "look at me....i have this whole pan of brownies sitting on my counter and I am not even tempted to touch them!"  I literally gag every time I look at them!

Does anyone out there have a black bean brownie recipe that actually tastes good? I could really use one!

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