Sunday, June 5, 2011

list making

Yes I admit it...I LOVE LISTS.   Not iphone lists or computer lists....I love pen to paper (especially little bits of scrap paper!) lists.  I make them continually. I make lists of lists and prioritize the lists.  Yes this is a complete procrastination technique but it also leads up to my most favourite part of the lists....crossing things off of lists.  I don't just draw a line through or tick off each completed task...I scribble over the line so that you can't even read  what it said.  Today my friends, I was able to scribble two custom orders off of my list

:: a drawstring bag filled with alphabet bean and educational!

:: 3 very adorable bonnets for Lisa (hope you like them!)

I was also able to cross off bask in the sun, go on a long walk and watch the kids have fun in the pool......but have no pictures to show for it!

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