Sunday, April 10, 2011

paradise on hwy 6

We set out yesterday morning with a list of a million errands.  We got through them quickly because we were looking so forward to the last item on our list..... to pick up a litre of maple syrup at a Simpler Thyme organic farm.   We have been to this farm many times before and we are always so warmly welcomed by the owners, Ann and Mike Lanigan who encourage us to wander around the farm.
Here are some of the pics from our adventure:
 First we headed out into the muddy muddy woods to the sugar shack

Where we found this contraption with sap boiling at different stages ... Sri threw some wood in the fire which impressed the kids to no end.
Here is Ava sprinting from sap bucket to sap bucket.   Looking for sap? NO! Looking for bugs floating in the sap...and then became hysterical because she was afraid of the bugs she was so excited to find.......exhausting!
 The kids forcing smiles for the mandatory "go sit on that log" picture
Ava spent a lot of time on the trampoline after our walk in the woods.  Where are her boots you might ask.  We had quite an unfortunate incident involving very deep mud and panic....need I say more!
the most adorable cows EVER!...Anthony and I sat and watched them for a very long time despite being about 2 feet from a huge pile of manure
A 34 year old horse that you just have to feel sorry for...look at that back!
This donkey had a set of bangs to die for.

Here comes the picture that will convince you that I should be living on a farm
THe picture that will make you take up a collection for me to buy said farm
The picture that melts my heart every time I look at it

the most delicious maple syrup ever!

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  1. I am keeping a lookout for a farm for you.I think you really need one.Add a garden,chickens and you will be self supporting.