Monday, June 1, 2009

T.V or not T.V?

That is the question in this house.  Tonight I sat and watched 3 hours of nonsense on t.v..  Most of it was of the train wreck that is jon and kate +8.  I have no feelings towards this show and lord knows had tons and tons of other things that needed to get done but instead i just sat cuddling with the baby and mindlessly watched.  
This was a t.v. free household for 6 whole months last year.  We watched dvds on friday nights but that was it.  I really enjoyed the peace, productivity and creativity that came with this tv free time.  We listened to more music, imagined more and it seems that we connected more.  I want this back.  Mission organization took a back seat to jon and kate (both of whom I have a very hard time tolerating).  Lady A is very quick to ask for the "t.d." and most of the times i am also quick to oblige because it is the easy thing to do.  
Mister had a very difficult time without the t.v. and I think it would be very hard to convince him to cancel cable again.
Perhaps we could go 3 days a week without t.v. and see how that goes.... it is worth a try.

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