Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lady A and I made a litre of yogurt today....well actually we started it last night and finally were able to eat it today.  Thanks 
to my grandma for donating the yogurt making machine it was a relatively easy process.  We used the recipe in the instruction booklet.
                         31/2 cups homo milk
                            1/2 cup dry fat free milk
                            1/2 cup yogurt (for a starter)
Heat milk and powdered milk until close to a boil and then put the pot in cold water to bring the mixture to room temp.  Next you stir in the yogurt and and throw the whole thing into what looks like a plastic thermos that plugs in.  Leave it in the machine for 4-12 hours depending on how bitter you like it........ we only left it in for 4 hours because the bitterness of plain yogurt drives me nuts. After that you put it in the fridge for 2 hours min and VOILA you have yogurt.  I must admit that ours had a wonderful custardy taste but the texture was quite distgusting...sort of like white school glue.  I 
have a feeling it has something to do with the powdered milk..... maybe i put in too much.  My task for tonight is searching online to solve my yogurt texture mystery.  I do love being able to make things from scratch and buy as little packaged goods as possible.  I lay in bed thinking last night about the benefits of  making my own yogurt as opposed to buying it and I came to the conclusion that I really just like the idea of knowing that I am having a hand in my family's health and that I am somehow nurturing a healthy attitude towards food for Lady A.  

She helped make her breakfast this morning, of course including the yogurt which she referred to as "slimey" and only had 2 mouthfuls of.  I choked mine back because I was trying to set a good example but I'm sure 
my face was telling a different story as I was exclaiming "oh this is delicious"......oh the things we do for our kids.  

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