Monday, April 7, 2008

anybody else having problems????

What a day I have had already today.
1. Lost my wallet while ava and I were playing at the park
2. Only realized my wallet was lost after having a ton of groceries rung up by the cashier at the grocery store
3.retraced my steps with a screaming, hungry and tired (almost) 2year old
4. came home to admit my loss to my husband.... he promptly went out to retrace my steps again
5. we both gave up looking and began to cancel cards...... i found out that i keep way too many cards for ava and I in my wallet
6. Realized that I had a message on my phone.........when did that get there????
7. Someone had found my wallet.... THANK YOU GOD and so sri went right out to pick it up
8. everything was still in there............i am so so so so so grateful
9. I am having a super hard time uploading pictures onto my blog
10. I have to finish up the changeroom curtains for NEw Horizons Thrift Shop.... and I seem to be running out of inspiration

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